Some lawyers reckon that continuing the impeachment trial once Donald Trump has left office might be unconstitutional

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 5 days ago

@GeorgesSalo @TheEconomist Impeachment is the mechanism to remove the President from office so he can stand trial as a citizen. If he's no longer President, then he doesn't need to be impeached to be charged...

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@TheEconomist Indeed. American justice is blind to the victims and awake for the perpetrators. Get a good lawyer in America and one can walk away virtually from anything that one would find oneself guilty in other civilised nations on the planet. Bravo. 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻

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@TheEconomist Are these the same lawyers that allow criminals to walk? That will allow a seditious person to walk away free? American justice seems to be all bending and in favour of the perpetrator rather than the victim. Bravo. 👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist If Alan Dershowitz wasn’t trying to avoid prosecution he’d be one of the “some lawyers” quoted in this piece... anyone can be contrarian for the sake of opposition to political process. Doesn’t make it right or justifiable...

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@TheEconomist Some lawyers think the election was rigged.
Some lawyers are idiots.

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist "Some lawyers reckon...." That's all you need to know that whatever follows is a GARBAGE take.

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist I guess the end point should be to open up his corruption cases and tax fraud ...

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist Some lawyers can go fvck themselves. Fact.

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist High crimes have no expiry date.

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist “Many lawyers are saying”

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#ByeFelicia - time to slither back under your rock.

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#MelaniaTrump could’ve been the bridge of peace by welcoming Jill Biden to the WH. Instead, she chose to follow the hateful trait of her husband. Those 2 deserve each other. She’s disgusting.

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Tomorrow at noon when America officially bids farewell to the Trumps. #SoLongFarewell #ByeFelicia

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#ByeFelicia and good riddance to the worst President In America’s history.

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@brycetache Happy anniversary! (and I double that #byefelicia !)

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A sigh of relief around the world on the last day of Trump in the office. But US has to deal with the effects of Trumpism for long time to come.

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