The Proud Boys, a far-right group, adopted black-and-yellow Fred Perry polo shirts as a uniform. Now the British clothing company has stopped selling them in America From @1843mag

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@dr_knutzl Profile picture Dr. Knutzl


 4 days ago

@TheEconomist @1843mag Well, back to bear skins and horns, then 😂

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@jimivegas Profile picture james misa


 4 days ago

@TheEconomist @1843mag But can I buy white or gray for lazy afternoon walks on the beach?

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@TheEconomist @1843mag I see from the photo they took that Team America song literally. Incredible.

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@TheEconomist @1843mag You didn't expect them to wear Ralph Lauren did you

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist @1843mag AND boogaloo boys took Hawaiian shirts

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@zipreeper Profile picture zip reeper


 5 days ago

@TheEconomist @1843mag I want a fred perry polo shirt

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@TheEconomist @1843mag Toxic by association

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 5 days ago
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Yajurved 5:32 states that
God Kabir is the giver of supreme peace.
He is the destroyer of all the sins.
- Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj


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Multi colour cloth bags which will help to defeat the evil of plastic & also promote local handloom industry

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Hello! I'm here during this very dark AM watching the roads for you. We've already had an incident clear, hoping for smooth sailing for the rest of the AM commute. #tuesdaymotivations

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Great, You’ve Applied for a #Job & you’ve been offered an #interview, but do you know what #industry & sector the company operates in?

– M.A. Harrison

6,531 Jobs for Manchester

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