Can a president be convicted of impeachable offences after he has left office?

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@TimWearing Profile picture Tim Wearing


 5 days ago

@carlbyronrodger @TheEconomist It shouldn’t matter how the 73 million will react because the 81 million who voted for the winner outnumber them. That’s how democracies work. Of course, an extreme portion of that 73 million don’t seem to want to live in a democracy.

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@TheEconomist The question will be how 73 million will react .No checks and balances.

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@TheEconomist If I was not a beagle I would offer a considered opinion.


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@TheEconomist A precedent there is.

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@bobrhines Profile picture Rob Rhines


 5 days ago

@TheEconomist NO!!!!!

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 5 days ago
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