"Men are adorable, but mysterious...After all, they can look so average and yet be so full of confidence,” joked Yang Li in a TV sketch that caused some male viewers to throw a tantrum

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 5 days ago

@TheEconomist She’s precious.

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@TheEconomist As a lover of comedy: good line.

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@TheEconomist Pretty dull stuff. Too bad freedom isn't booming.

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@TheEconomist Ahhh we expend *so* much energy protecting their egos

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@TheEconomist Dont know wats more funny the joke or the reaction to it 😂

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@TheEconomist Look man, I'm ok with these jokes as long as they can go both ways. The moment you say anything about another gender it's defcon 5 and someone is getting cancelled.

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@TheEconomist What?! Men acting like snowflakes?! no one saw that coming

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Over here reading the #ByeFelicia tweets like

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Waking to #ByeFelicia trending. So grateful that tomorrow is the inauguration of the #BidenHarrisInauguration

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The Trump presidency Will easily be judged as the worse ever....
41. George W Bush
42. Andrew Johnson
43. James Buchanan
44. Donald J Trump
#ByeFelicia #ByeDon #InaugurationDay

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For those who repudiate Trump in the 11th hour, we see you, and it is four years too late. #ByeFelicia #BidenHarrisInauguration

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