“It’s like seeing fingerprints the river left behind”

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@NatGeo Magnifique

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@Fern26430103 Profile picture Shadyfern


 3 days ago

@NatGeo Wow! We learned in grade schooling the late 50s and early 60s how rivers can change their courses. To be sure they didn't have the tools they do now, but we started to understand the importance of flood plains.

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo 👍

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo OMGGGGGG!!!😃💙🙄🤯🤔💙😃

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@NatGeo How artistic!

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo Cool.

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@JustinRuehs Thank You for this initiative! 🙏

Now I have a chance to get a new CAR and improve my life!
(and also something else. ..)

See the information:

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo For the love of my 4.5 year old, @NatGeo / @NatGeoChannel can you please fix this (your) video on @YouTube

He just wants to learn about Pluto 🌏

.... and is deeply frustrated it doesn’t work!

He’s 4.5 , please do this Dad a solid!

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I joined in 2008 to fuck around with my friends. I started a new account in 2019 that I started using when the Panera Bread hit. It’s my portal to the adult world, while I hang out with two babies all day. #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter

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because my " friends " are on Facebook #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter

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It was the jojo incident #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter

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Never joined twitter even when people used to rave about this app.
Then ended up making a stan account on twitter for bts and bts only when bts entered my life.

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To stop arguing with family over politics on Facebook. Less stress to argue w someone you don’t have to see in real life. #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter

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