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 1 week ago

Here’s Lindsey Graham on Hannity arguing that impeaching Trump is a slippery slope to impeaching George Washington for owning slaves

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 1 week ago

@thelukeparticle @atrupar Starting to feel this way, too... The GOP'll go for the "he's already out of office" reasoning. Hopefully it'll cost them some political capital, but it never seems like it does

Mitch hasn't come out against conviction yet and that gives me a little hope.

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 1 week ago

@Xr_real @atrupar @LindseyGrahamSC @POTUS I think POTUS reminded him of something on their play date in Texas yesterday.

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@atrupar Can we still do that?

Okay George. Be prepared. Taking you down sonnnnn

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 1 week ago

@atrupar of course it is..l

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 1 week ago

@atrupar Yeah, no way he gets convicted in the senate.

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@atrupar @LindseyGrahamSC just wants to keep his only friend @POTUS

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 1 week ago

@atrupar Wit

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 1 week ago

@atrupar 💄

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@atrupar Ugh

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I had to google Beta... I have never heard that term before. Leva is such a know it all/bully - go away!!! Shep - you have made a 180. Craig - you are still my fav. #southerncharm

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Wow Madison out there causing a tornado just because fuck Austen someone else again. She should be happy it wasn’t a 3some again. #southerncharm

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🐀🐀🐀 #SouthernCharm

~~from the South Side of Chicago~~

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Also, Madison Lecroy is nasty as helllll #SouthernCharm

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Madison is crazy but right about Dani and Kathryn. #SouthernCharm

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#SouthernCharm I'm over Dani. She doesn't make good TV.

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Madison is VILE #SouthernCharm

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