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 1 week ago

.@TomBrady threw a DART in the final seconds to beat the Saints in this 2013 classic. 🎯 (via @nflthrowback)

📺: #TBvsNO | Sunday 6:40pm ET on FOX
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 1 week ago

@24pranavsharma @NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback He sucked. I mean for an undrafted FA that’s expected. The recievers on that team were fucking HORRENDOUS. No idea how Brady made the AFC championship game with them

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 1 week ago

@mikeyzee @NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback Came here to watch this👍

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@CrAwFiShBoiLa @NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback I thought I was the only one seen that

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 1 week ago

@NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback Oh the things I could do 8 years ago...

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@NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback Should have been a flag for that hold on Galette. About as blatant as it gets.

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 1 week ago

@NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback Lmfao Robs face when this happened is a classic gif

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@NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback Remember watching that game along time ago. Wonder what happened to Thompkins?

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@NFL @TomBrady @nflthrowback As a lifelong Patrick Fraudhomes fan, i must admit he is the luckiest player in NFL history. 16 dropped picks in one season, couldn’t be my QB. I am now a fan of a elite QB, Taylor Heinicke

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@samireiss JEON JUNGKOOK Viih Tube Botafogo Cavalieri Mahomes FIUK IS BACK #Fantastico #EsquerdaQuerBolsonaroAte2026 #askhunter Wellington Silva Juliette Rosé lumena #VoltaFiuk #AprendiNoEnem FAMILIA PROJOTA

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@euphoriaHBO @nottinqhill #AskHunter are you a rules shipper

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@euphoriaHBO #askhunter how did you prepared to write the episode?

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#AskHunter can we hug <3

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@euphoriaHBO @nottinqhill how was it to start the role of jules ?? #AskHunter

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do you and Sam have plans to write other scripts together? #askhunter

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@euphoriaHBO favorite quote from jules? #askhunter

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@voidxobrien #TeamFiuk Oiii LULIPE NO DESIMPEDIDOS #askjaguar Cleo FIUK IS BACK #MulheresApaixonadasNoVIVA Thais #TeamFiuk #TeamFiuk Fiuk #AskHunter #asklimns #RadioSelfissa

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