"Tom and I have a friendship and mutual respect. We were texting back and forth on Monday, chuckling at this whole scenario," - Drew Brees

Brees said once Brady signed with the Bucs “I envisioned this game happening"


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@Nick0411_ Profile picture Nick


 1 week ago

@SuiySaints @Saints They are 1 year apart I bet drew retires before Brady lmao

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@PeNiro36 Profile picture Matt Pops


 1 week ago

@aRussoo14 @Saints Or get Mikey to tweet that Drew is money

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@unctotez22 Profile picture Nick Rude


 1 week ago

@DesareeBaker @Saints I don’t like this either. Y’all got all retirement to be buddies lol

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@Saints I hope you told him we was go bust that ass 3x

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@Saints Just waiting for part 2

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@Saints Nah y’all gotta beef for a week

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@aRussoo14 Profile picture anthony


 1 week ago

@Saints Send him the GGs drew pull out all the stops for this one

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@Saints Idc , they aren’t friends on Sunday

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#TALESFROMTHESMP also idk... a character who dies in an explosion... a man with an insane collection of books,,,,,,

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#TALESFROMTHESMP what if because of karls memory getting bad he forgets hes engaged to quakity and sapnap😦😢

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#TALESFROMTHESMP what if one time, one of his most trusted friends [dream] went with him but instead of watching to see what happens, he intervenes and thats how the SMP started. He’s going back in time to try and fix the mistakes bringing dream brought on

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I rlly need to learn this too because I'm realizing it right now as I'm rushing to draw for tonights #TALESFROMTHESMP stream

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ok i just want to know how @ranaltboo feels rn because imagine if massive youtube played a character based on the character you created idk that’s just gotta feel so crazy. i’m proud of this dude #TALESFROMTHESMP

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ok sad thought but an episode of karl sapnap and quackitys wedding and when karl goes back to the present he forgets them
:( #TalesFromTheSMP

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