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 1 week ago

Watch the tape of @Lj_era8 and the @Ravens offense from #SuperWildCard weekend in True View! #RavensFlock (via @BaldyNFL)

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 1 week ago

@coreyacj09w @NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL And 2 Ws over houston. Cry

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@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL @NickyCutta_

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@ljtwizzles @NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Think it’s the ladder

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 1 week ago

@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Your going to loose

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 1 week ago

@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Love it

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@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL 0 passing TD's less then 200 yards passing & a int

Enough said

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 1 week ago

@baller8769 @NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Overrated mahomes

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 1 week ago

@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL you gotta be either stupid or racist to have some kind of vendetta against this man

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So, serious question... if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼 ...will the world go back to normal? Since basically the world literally went crazy after they won last year??? 🀣 #ChiefsKingdom #SuperbowlBound #RunItBack

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I don’t wanna hear about this ever again!
#ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack #BackToBack

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@LaurenRN0923 Can’t wait to hear your girl Kay, lol, scramble with some excuse riddled bs as to why the Bills lost. #RunItBack

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@PatrickMahomes We love you guys!!! #RunItBack

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@darrelwilliams_ @Chiefs That last first down carry was sheer will.

Great to see you getting the chance.


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