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 2 days ago

This man was calm, cool and collected last night – as always 😎

@NemanjaMatic caught up with #MUTV after the game 👇


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@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic I wish he doesn’t get older 🤒

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 2 days ago

@Unit01773131 @ManUtd @NemanjaMatic Lol had one good game in 3 years

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@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic He was quality, but it’ll go unnoticed.

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@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic Need to carry on momentum glory glory man united

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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic Here comes the tears of rival fans

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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic UNCLE MATIC!

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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic Nemanja ohhh 🎶🎶

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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic What a player 🤩👏🏼

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@ManUtd @NemanjaMatic Great game Nema

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 2 days ago

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Très intriguant #Wandavision Ca me sauce pas plus que ca mais en meme temps je suis curieux de savoir QUEL EST LE FUCK ?

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#WandaVision rocks. I loved those two episodes so much.

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I have too many theories whizzing around my head about #WandaVision 😱 I am in love with it but I am watching it with my nose far too close to the screen as I try to pick up on clues 🤣
I'll keep my theories to myself but here are my spoiler addled questions below...

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#WandaVision #ElDesafioEstreno #paltas #PALTA #TharnTypeSS2EP10 #빛이나는_제니의_모든날이_찬란하길 #GotTalent #LazioRoma #갓세븐포에버_아가새는어디안가 #LaSerenaLaCaleraxCDF #melillero #더_찬란하게될_승관이의_스물넷 #DialogoPorLaPaz #갓세븐_7주년_고마워

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Die ersten beiden Folgen #WandaVision geschaut. So abgefahren, dass es schon wieder gut und tatsächlich lustig ist. 😂 I love it und freue mich auf die nächsten Folgen!

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