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 3 days ago

🎬 All the action from Tuesday's battle at Burnley πŸ‘‡

πŸ”΄ #MUFC
πŸ† #PL

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 2 days ago

@STRW312 @ManUtd Cry some more please do

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@ThfcJack1234 @ManUtd Spurs fan that knows ball ⚽️

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 3 days ago

@ManUtd Such a small club Manchester is blue

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 3 days ago

@ManUtd Tiny club

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 3 days ago

@ManUtd That’s it! That seals the deal! I’m no longer a United fan. Only 0-1 against a tinpot club? Now I realised United is also a tinpot club but with more money. Time to support Chelsea. A big club and win trophies. Thanks & goodbye

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It’s the typical Republican financial strategy, file bankruptcy. They all seem to be fools at money management. πŸ˜‚ #NRABankruptcy #RepublicansAreTheProblem

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#NRABankruptcy That building about to be some condos... its right off 66

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NRA is filing bankruptcy due to illegal conduct and misuse of funds.
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. #NRABankruptcy

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@davidhogg111 @lauren_hoggs @Ryan_Deitsch @cameron_kasky @fred_guttenberg @Nelba_MG Thinking of you all. You helped slay the giant. #NRABankruptcy

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