Retweet if you think Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should resign immediately.

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@EverythingZebra @ProjectLincoln @GOP Make no mistake, they WANT America to burn, cuz they think THEY will be the phoenix rising from the ashes, atop a new power structure of permanent minority rule.

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@Popsickles1 Profile picture Paula Wilson


 1 month ago

@CharlieC76 @ProjectLincoln Just love that sign “You came for our democracy, we came for your job” The, most perfect sentiment I have seen!

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@AlftaraDiana Profile picture Dee


 1 month ago

@jonNYC5yve @ProjectLincoln Yes @RepMoBrooks @Jim_Jordan @RepBoebert she was live tweeting how to find @NancyPelosi. This cannot stand. These Traitors to our country and our constitution must be REMOVE FROM OFFICE. My opinion is they should be charged with Sedition!

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@ProjectLincoln I'm amazed at how many @GOP members have come out on television to recant the election lies and state that these demonstrations should not go on.

Oh wait, they haven't. They would rather watch the United States burn, than say they were lying.

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@ProjectLincoln Resign or be thrown out. Either way works for me.

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@Kauairockchick Profile picture Mrs. Ash


 1 month ago
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@jonNYC5yve Profile picture Jonny 5yve


 1 month ago

@ProjectLincoln All insurrectionists must resign.

We're in no mood.

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@CharlieC76 Profile picture Charlie Connor


 1 month ago
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Want to Shoot ? .... Use cameras!

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Happy #WorldWildlifeDay folks!

The wildlife I choose to focus on is the #orangutan.

In protecting them you protect their habitat, and so a myriad other species. Plus their rainforests are good for us too!

Please donate to @OrangutansSOS if you can:

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Along with the rest of the #EnvironmentalLaw community, RECIEL is celebrating #WorldWildlifeDay! Below you can find a few publications that speak to the themes of #WWD2021, from the bond between #IndigenousPeople & #forests 🌲🌿 to the curious tale of an #orca named Morgan 🐋🌊

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@mid_day A2) Snow Leopard

#WorldWildlifeDay #ProtectTheWild #MiddayContest #ContestAlert


Join in

@harishrawatcmuk @harsh_4892 @purvaa7 @kcharanreddy2 @swarup58

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Hey @CaterpillarInc

Today is #WorldWildlifeDay and I want you to join hundreds of brands to highlight the importance of nature by removing the Caterpillar from your logo.

A #WorldWithoutNature    is a world that's incomplete.

Will you show your support?


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Bald eagles were out in force this winter. Especially in West Lafayette where at times there would be ~15 in sight along the Wabash River. Their ability to tolerate major habitat destruction/pollution (+ the recovery efforts of humans) is astonishing. #birds #WorldWildlifeDay

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Happy World Wildlife Day!

World Wildlife Day is celebrated annually on the 3rd of March in support of animals and plants across the world. For 2021, the theme is ‘Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet’.

#WorldWildlifeDay #ForestsAndLivelihoods

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