Tried all tricks including Steve Smith trying to remove Pant's batting guard marks from the crease. Par kuch kaam na aaya. Khaaya peeya kuch nahi, glass toda barana.
But I am so so proud of the effort of the Indian team today. Seena chonda ho gaya yaar.

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@ChavanKaushal @virendersehwag watch this full video before Criticize anyone 🙏

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@Tacklestar Profile picture Tarun


 4 days ago

@ravi_jani1982 @virendersehwag I would just say don't call them India's C team , they showed really great performance , they taught them how actually the cricket is played...... Proud of Boyz 🙌❤️

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@nickhedley @virendersehwag He has also learnt to cry and gain sympathy. 😁

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@nickhedley Profile picture Nick Hedley


 4 days ago

@virendersehwag Has Steve Smith learnt nothing about cheating and bad sportsmanship??

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@virendersehwag श्री श्री हनुमा विहारी जी : 161 (not out)
#HanumaVihari 🙏

श्री श्री रविचंद्रन अश्विन : 128 ( not out )
#RAshwin 🙏

#India wins a draw.


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@virendersehwag Once a cheater, always a cheater #stevesmith #AUSvINDtest

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@HrisheekB Profile picture Hrisheek


 4 days ago

@virendersehwag Can't wait to see Smith cry infront of international media for sympathy🤡🤡

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@ravi_jani1982 Profile picture Ravi Jani


 4 days ago

@virendersehwag Two minutes of silence for everyone who expected India to be bundled out before lunch/tea today.
World’s best bowling attack can’t bowl out India’s C team!
Rather Australia narrowly escaped a loss, had Pant continued for a while longer and Vihari had not pulled a hammy.

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vc é uma pessoa 🌌maravilhosa, um anjo, puro talento, poderosa 🌌. vc é simplesmente incrível jennie kim, eu me sinto a pessoa mais sortuda do mundo por nascer na mesma época q vc(s). eu te amo tanto❤ queria te ter por perto, te abraçar, cuidar de vc💜 #PricelessJennieDay

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