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My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.

Thank you Arnold -- this is the most powerful and uniquely personal statement I've heard from ANYONE on where we are right now as a country.

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 5 days ago
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 5 days ago

@sgndup4shtshw @ConanOBrien Reagan was a celebrity before becoming president

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 5 days ago
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 5 days ago

@ConanOBrien Wish he had been the first ‘celebrity’ President 🥲

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@ConanOBrien And a sword!

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 5 days ago

@ConanOBrien And your sword got a mention too! 😃 🗡

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 5 days ago

@ConanOBrien We love this! Gonna share it.

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Balls to it, imma watch those two episodes of #Wandavision again because sooooooo good

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wandavision wawanda vision wandavision wawanda vision #WandaVision

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just finished watching #WandaVision and i’m seriously desperate for more😆

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Thoroughly enjoying #WandaVision but is it canon? What is this? I keep waiting for Lucille Ball and Andy Griffith to walk through the door.

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#WandaVision was good, but then again wasn't really sure what to expect. My favorite part was the 30min credit roll, though.

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#Wandavisión: Diferente, extraña y enigmática. Opinión sin spoilers de sus primeros dos episodios.

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I’ve only been watching this show for 5 minutes and I am already in love 💜💙 with it... First episode so far reminds me of the Dick Van Dyke show and Bewitched... Wonder 🤔 where Marvel is going with this?!?! 🤗 #WandaVision

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