@ConanOBrien Profile picture Conan O'Brien


 2 weeks ago

Happy two-week birthday, Jesus! (It never hurts to kiss a little deity ass).

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@robertsjunk Profile picture RC


 2 weeks ago

@TheNerdEmpire @ConanOBrien On either side of his holy of holies.

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@StanFinger Profile picture Stan


 2 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien I'm afraid He's going to see right through your motivations. 🤔😂😉

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@clnovoa Profile picture Carmen


 2 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien An epiphany!

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@TheNerdEmpire Profile picture Matt Boor


 2 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien The downside is that when you kiss Jesus's ass, he turns the other cheek.

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@LowellCBenjamin @ConanOBrien Gold, frankincense, myrrh, and a little smooch right on the bum.

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@KFarvman Profile picture Karl Farvman


 2 weeks ago


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@ConanOBrien You’re a wise man.

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@ConanOBrien That’s Mr. Jesus to you, Conan.

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@Chantal44 Profile picture Chantal burke


 2 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien Too funny

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@ConanOBrien Kings Day

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Good Morning✨ Happy Sunday Bless Thankful Living Loving Life Thank You Lord #SundayMorning ♥️

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Sunday go to meeting: Oostanaula United Methodist Church was organized in 1871. The church is surrounded by cattle pastures. #Church #countrychurch #SundayMorning

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#TEMAEVE brought you all USA trending to have a nice time, Part 1
Jake Paul
Good Sunday
I Vote
Championship Sunday

Tweet as you like
With our best wishes

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#SundayMorning Comparison Of 2 Presidents

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Happy #SundayMorning Sun is out in NJ. Birds awake. Start the day with gratitude. It sets the rest of the day with the right mindset. Good morning @KevinFrye1 @RealTracyMyers ❤️👊☕️☕️. Grateful for you both

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Another beautiful #LordsDay! … I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in #ChristJesus.” #Phil 3:13-14 — #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts (2/2)

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