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 1 week ago

BTS reached new heights this past year with ‘BE’ featuring #1 singles "Life Goes On", "Dynamite" and other Hot 100 charting songs. Get your very own limited edition CD boxset of record-breaking BE at your local online retail store!

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 1 week ago

@seokjinsmel @orchtweets Yes this please 🙏🥺

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 1 week ago

@orchtweets just give us more vinyls

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@orchtweets please restock life goes on vinyl

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 1 week ago

@orchtweets Making it sound like new version & giving us new hope as if it is not the same version from 3 months ago since pre-order & nothing ab it is limited hello😭 stop playing around give us digital album on US /UK store if y'all want something

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@orchtweets I still want the vinyls to restock tho 🥸

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@orchtweets i mean like great marketing strategy but this thing has been on sale since September... idk by this point i would’ve dropped the limited edition thing...

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@orchtweets is it really limited edition tho...

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I want to see us come out and destroy them second half, no mercy Spurs 🙏🏻 #COYS

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This game should be over. Bale for Bergwijn who is shite at half time please. #thfc #coys

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Emphasis wrong by the Sky experts for that Spurs 2nd goal, it was great defending high up the pitch by Spurs, something they apparently don’t do. Son tracks back, Hojbjerg presses for a turnover then fantastic turn and close control by Kane. #COYS

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Ok, we’re winning and it’s not a nervous 1-0 lead either. Much better Tottenham. Let’s continue with the same in the 2nd half. Be good to have a clean sheet today. Good 1st half Spurs. 👍🏾 #COYS

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HT: Sheffield United 0-2 Tottenham

Goals from Serge Aurier and Harry Kane gi' Spurs a two-goal lead, after an open first half o' football.

#SHUTOT #bbcfootball #SUFC #COYS

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I’m all for the Højbjerg and Ndombele duo in the middle. Notice how Kane doesn’t have to drop so deep to find the ball because Ndombele finds that forward pass.


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Tanguy NDombele #28 of Tottenham Hotspur in action during the game
#SUFC @SheffieldUnited
@SpursOfficial #THFC #COYS
@premierleague #PremierLeague

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Remembering perhaps the greatest pass I've ever seen #coys

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