Insaaniyat Zindabad.
A Biker saw a couple pulling a loaded cycle rickshaw on a bridge with wife pushing the rickshaw.
Biker requested the lady to sit on rickshaw and pushed it with his bike till they reached the main road.

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@asharma2081 @virendersehwag Bhaii YouTube par NCR bikerz name se channel h iss bnde ka.... Phle Jakr dekh aao fir bolna

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 1 week ago

@PayalGu23663620 @virendersehwag 😝😝😝😝 हेहे लोल

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 1 week ago

@virendersehwag Bhai Sahab yeh accident karne aur karane ka bhi ek tareeka hai . Insaniyat yeh nahi ki kuch bhi kardo . Safe humanity is better than being an idiot on roads .

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 1 week ago

@virendersehwag Thanks sir that was me

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 1 week ago

@virendersehwag #Anti_Farmer_BJP #FarmersProtest Apni insaniyat v jaga loo app Viru sir.... 55+ kissan mar Gaye hai... andh bhaket matt banye reho....

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@virendersehwag Biker was a professional insaniyat person with 📷.

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also forgot to add this in... yeah... i live on twitch basically.. #twitchrecap

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I’m surprised Julien isn’t on here tho #twitchrecap

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Ich werde 2021 aktiver sein, also wirklich... wirklich, versprochen... 🤔 #twitchrecap

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Does.... this mean I’m a Dark Souls streamer now? 😭😭

On a serious note, thank you guys for helping me grow this year. You all mean so much to me. Thank you 💚

#TwitchRecap2020 #twitchrecap

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Things we love to see! #twitchrecap

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Marrant cette infographie #TwitchRecap

A mon avis Twitch comptabilise aussi les heures de VODs, parce que pour le n°2, comme les lives sont en même temps que d'autres je regarde plus souvent les VODs que les directs, et si ce n'est pas le cas je suis vraiment très surprise.

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