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Replying to @AC360: Join us at 8p.m. ET to ring in 2021 🥳 #CNNNYE with @MariahCarey @SnoopDogg @StephenAtHome @CameronDiaz @pitbull @thelesliejordan…

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Join us at 8p.m. ET to ring in 2021 🥳 #CNNNYE with @MariahCarey @SnoopDogg @StephenAtHome @CameronDiaz @pitbull @thelesliejordan @dionnewarwick @JohnMayer @jimmybuffett @desusnice @THEKIDMERO @aloeblacc @dulcesloan @googoodolls @kylieminogue @joshgroban @jimmybuffett @cherioteri

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Should've gotten this guy to sing amazing grace instead #InaugurationDay

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...So Manchester city was waiting for #InaugurationDay all this while, so Manchester United spent only 2 days in office 😪😪😪

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#InaugurationDay :22-Year-Old Amanda Gorman Becomes Youngest Poet To Read At US Presidential Inauguration (Videos)

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Pubg Pc Lite Arcade Match Kill Moments Gameplay

Watch now:

#PUBGMOBILE #pubgmobileindia #PUBG #pubgpc #pubgpclite #PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS #pubggameplay #InaugurationDay

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Da un punto di vista tecnico- musicale le esibizioni di #LadyGaga e #JenniferLopez sono state ottime. Non è facile con l’orchestra così distante all’aperto. Ce ne siamo accorti in Italia quando anche bravi cantanti hanno cantato prima di un evento sportivo. #InaugurationDay

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Joe Biden vereidigt. Alle freuen sich. Cool. Die neoliberale Politik von Obama spaltete das Land und brachte jemanden wie Trump hervor. Nun wird die Fortsetzung von Biden uns den nächsten Trump bringen. Meine Erwartungen halten sich in Grenzen.

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More signs that @JoeBiden cares. #InaugurationDay for a new era!

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Coronavirus, climate change, trade: three key areas where Germany wants to see closer cooperation with the US under President Joe Biden.

Merkel’s Chief of Staff @HBraun in an interview with DW on #InaugurationDay:

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