@Google Profile picture Google


 2 weeks ago

2021 is (finally) right around the corner. 🥳 Say " #HeyGoogle, sing the New Year song" to count down to the new year with Google Assistant.

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@gradientmz Profile picture Mark Zhou


 2 weeks ago

@rbdirectservice @Google True, a lot of people think that a year's number changing will make all our problems go away. I do hope things get better in the future though of course

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@ZzepicN Profile picture Thing_Man


 2 weeks ago

@Google Full version when? This slaps.

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@LarriSucksss Profile picture larri


 2 weeks ago

@Google Yeee, Lets call it 2020 Part II, Bc it wont Be no Better!!

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@Google Eh, Google needs to work on rhyming.

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@Stefan76138238 Profile picture Stefan


 2 weeks ago

@Google Nice song 🔥🔥

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@Google There is no saying 2021 is gonna be any better than 2020. In fact it could be infinitely worse.

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@daniisanoob Profile picture y not


 2 weeks ago

@Google lmao the gif

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@SpindashT Profile picture MVD Productions


 2 weeks ago

@Google Yes, but there's still a virus around. Hope ya know that.

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@KxnWasTaken Profile picture Kxnrxd 💫


 2 weeks ago

@Google Ok lol

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