@khloekardashian Profile picture Khloé


 3 weeks ago

Is anyone else still trying to put together some of these teeny tiny toys? I am not a toy builder. This takes me forever!! I need to get things fully assembled moving forward

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@everyhour @khloekardashian "READ" - LOL, your funny!

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@DramaKing25 Profile picture guzman


 3 weeks ago

@khloekardashian What toy are you trying to put together???? Maybe ur twitter fam can help u out

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@everyhour Profile picture ً


 3 weeks ago

@khloekardashian read the instructions!

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@Khlomoney98 Profile picture Chloe


 3 weeks ago

@khloekardashian I used to spend DAYS with my dad putting my toys together he would get so mad when they wouldn’t go right 😂😂

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@rodrigokardash Profile picture rod


 3 weeks ago

@khloekardashian i miss u

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@khloekardashian Get XMASS MUSIC MIXX HERE 👇

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@khloeart Profile picture nicole


 3 weeks ago

@khloekardashian What? Lol

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@khloekardashian Fly me to Calabasas and I’ll help you lol

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@khloekardashian LMAO
how are you doing?? Lysm

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@khloekardashian love youuuu

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We don't need 2 Million Illegal Aliens crossing the border for fake Asylum looking for a job, spreading COVID, overcrowding U.S hospitals, jumping the line for the vaccine
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I have a feeling @FoxNews will be producing those "Caravan" stories starting Wednesday 20 JAN- #tuesdaymotivations

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Buenos días tengamos un maravilloso Martes (escribí sábado 🤦🏻‍♀️) 🤗😘☕️

Martes de flojera.... también fue Domingo y lunes! 😂

Agradezcamos siempre!🙏🏻

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