A look at the gifts under our trees this year.

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@kourtneykardash 😍

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@kourtneykardash So cute!
Celebrities Christmas photos like these always inspire me to keep grinding so I can one day gift a day like this to my family for Christmas since we >never< could afford one. 🥺🤍

Merry Christmas everyone. 💕

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@kourtneykardash I need your assistance and help

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@kourtneykardash ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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 4 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash Si tuviese dinero.... JAJAJAJA

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@kourtneykardash Merry Christmas Eve🎄 God bless you and your whole family always! 🍀 In my prayers you are always

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@kourtneykardash Kourtney i love you!

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Cancelled @nytimes. The Rolex article, Shear’s question at the WH press conference and now the firing of Lauren Wolfe - there is a cynicism and cowardice going on in that newsroom, no thanks. #rehirelaurenwolfe #rehireLauren

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@Wolfe321 ... I want you to sue @nytimes, then join a company that actually understands what journalism and integrity means! What the @nytimes puts out these days isn't fit to line the bottom of a birdcage! They are beneath you!!!

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Hey @nytimes , I see you actually made a smart decision by cancelling the contract of a hysterically biased budding fake story writer. One more sign of impartiality and I'm back to reading you again. In the meantime DON'T #rehireLauren

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Shouldn't people be asking OTHER companies to hire Lauren instead of asking @nytimes to #rehireLauren since NY Times has shown themselves to be easily manipulated by fascists, or...?

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Just do it !

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