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.@MariahCarey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is the first single by a female artist in history to be certified 5x Platinum or higher in the UK (BPI).

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@HallOfMariah @UKChartInfo @MariahCarey Queen of “Making” records, transcending records, being the record, and For the Record

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@UKChartInfo @MariahCarey Mariah is still breaking records in the music industry. Who else?

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@UKChartInfo @MariahCarey Wowwwwwuhhhhhh

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@UKChartInfo @MariahTrends @MariahCarey Omg!! Bigger than careers!!

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@UKChartInfo @MariahCarey Mariah literally OUTSOLD all your British female faves (Adele, Dua, Kylie, Madonna, Spice Girls, Rita, Jessie...).


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#Habs home opener is upon.
Something to look forward to today. 😍😍
My motto has been One Day at a Time for as long as I can remember, always looking for some kind of positive in my day. Today, THIS is that positive along with talking to good people❤️💙

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#BellLetsTalk about how breaking down stigma is just one step. We have to hold accountable our leaders who fail to fix a broken system. Lee makes it clear in this blog. They are an all-star just for being them.

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@ArsenalWFC @BarclaysFAWSL Fellow Gunners, please retweet any tweet with #BellLetsTalk or tweet #BellLetsTalk today, Bell will donate 5 cents to Canadian mental health initiatives with each use of #BellLetsTalk

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Today in Canada, it's #Bellletstalk day.

A retweet for a great cause would be greatly appreciated.

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