Fans, you have been always asking for this - Here is an exclusive edit from us at @thinkmusicindia ❤️ for #PuthiyaManidha from #Enthiran 🤖 celebrating #HBDSuperstarRajinikanth

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 1 month ago

@thinkmusicindia @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @arrahman @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures Respected sir,we want draw your attention towards making of an indie-pop band under your guidance and help.we have worked hard on concept and theory.we are in search of a company who can train us sir please trust us.we want to present our concept to you.

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@thinkmusicindia @arrahman @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures Just love this song. If listened in a powerful audio system it can take you somewhere else

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@thinkmusicindia @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @arrahman @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures ARR😍

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@thinkmusicindia @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @arrahman @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures #HBDSuperstarRajinikanth

#Thalaivar #Superstar @rajinikanth


#Annaatthe #Rajinikanth #HBDRajinikanth

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@thinkmusicindia @arrahman @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures Thank you for my one of the favourite song

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@thinkmusicindia @arrahman @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures This song is phenomenal.....ultimate sound programming....that is technically brilliant.....advised to hear with headphones..... mind-blowing....👏👏👌👌

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@thinkmusicindia @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @arrahman @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures excellent
என்றென்றும் S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R! 👑

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@thinkmusicindia @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh @arrahman @RathnaveluDop @sunpictures Super 👌
#Annaatthe @rajinikanth

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#AfterTrump My blood pressure will be reduced, I will not check Twitter every morning wondering what the heck did the President wreck last night. I will sleep better knowing a true leader is at the helm. The rebuilding of the damage begins however.

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I'm following comments from #MAGA on facebook regarding Apple removing the Parler app from their store. I explained it terms they would understand. #AfterTrump

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#AfterTrump Biden will be destroying America without having to answer to his voters as most of them were dead when they voted for him.

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I see #AfterTrump is trending, do not think we can stop paying attention because Trump is gone, vote every TWO years, not 4, and keep pressure on your representatives. They're not going to save us, we've gotta do it ourselves.

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تاریخ تکرار شد؟
شاه رفت امام آمد
ترامپ رفت بایدن آمد!


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Will make America great again!🥳 #AfterTrump

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#AfterTrump kids will be growing up in a functioning democracy again, and there will be hope for their futures now that stopping climate change and expanding environmental protections are a high priority.

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