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In times of uncertainty, people seek understanding and meaning. 2020 was a year of deep questioning, as the world searched "why" more than ever, according to Google Trends. Explore more trends from the year at


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@MaroonBearz @Google @gmail You should have set up your security and account recovery . Sadly it takes time :(

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 1 month ago

@Google Why is wearing a mask a political statement

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@Google What a brave long look at 2020 and everyone stands together for each other❤️

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@Google maybe the most famous "why?"

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@Google आ गयी है कोरोना वैक्सीन,🧪 भारत में कब?
यूनाईटेड किंगडम में अमेरिकी कंपनी की वैक्सीन पी-फ़ाइजर💉 को इस्तेमाल करने की भी मंजूरी दे दी गयी है।🤩
जानकारी को सभी तक पहुंचाए।
#COVID19 #कोरोना_महामारी #कोरोनावायरस

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@Google Could you help me with my google acccount?
I'm trying everything for it and nobody can help me

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@Google cool google

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@majornelson #FreeCodeFridayContest I got X1 CP2077 limited edition and ended up playing CP2077 for hours and hours. I'm excited for The Medium by Bloober Team.

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@majornelson Playing Tetris effect a lot this year and can’t wait to see Scott pilgrim for 2021 👀 #FreeCodeFridayContest

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@majornelson #freecodefridaycontest

Most played in 2020: Hades
Most wanted in 2021: Resident Evil VIIlage

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