Unlike traditional college debates, where speed and the ability to argue both sides of an issue are advantages, Ethics Bowl competitions involve a back-and-forth between teams and with their judges, where each can ask questions and respond

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Quantum proved, no objective knowledge is possible about universe.

Can't the finding more about the
peculiarity of our scheme of cognition?

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@Harvard Given the stifling group think at Harvard, I can just imagine how narrow and boring "debates" about ethics would be there.

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If we had inferred that there was no evidence of EXISTENCE being a LIVE phenomenon, Quantum proved, we can only observe REACTION to our acts.

So,evidently it was our particular approach that had resulted into existence giving out such a behavior.

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Apparently, it’s #NationalHatDay today? (It would appear there is a day for "X" every day) 🥳

If you were to describe fintech startup with a hat, what would it be? 🤠👒🎩🧢

#FTT21 #FinTech #FridayThoughts

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Jogged past a black cat this morning and now feel like I might meet my end today. Day can only get better, right?!!?? #FridayThoughts #dadlife

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You ever notice it’s always the guys that preach about “communication” and “being up front” that are the worst at it?? #FridayThoughts

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@PBATour @FloBowling Looks like I know what I’m doing this weekend lol #bowl #follobackforfolloback #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #follobackinstantly #follo4folloback #FolloMe

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Ted went back in his hole after this. I expect we wont see him until he follows the advice of his image consultant and do some sort of grandstanding of proper use of govement time during Trump's second trial. #FridayThoughts

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