Proud to be a co-chair of the @godslovenyc #GoldenHeartAwards tonight. A great cause this #givingtuesday @michaelkors Can’t attend virtually? Bid on a chance to win a restaurant buyout dinner with me & @Davidburtka at Carbone restaurant!

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@box_np Profile picture NPHsendmeBoxOne


 1 month ago

@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka If I win the dinner will you bring me a copy of box one?

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@BullyBagwell Profile picture Bagwell


 1 month ago

@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka Which God do you represent?

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@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka How awesome! Private Dinner At Carbone with Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka $25K. Get your popcorn out this is going to go high.

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@rcooper @ActuallyNPH @MichaelKors @Davidburtka Thank you so much for your volunteerism and for your caring support!!!!

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 1 month ago

@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka In 1998, I volunteered for @godslovenyc during a college service learning trip. It made a distinct and lasting impression on me, and I've donated since when I can. In a city that can seem anonymous, it is proof of the best parts of community.

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@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka I wish you’ll answer me🥺❤️

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@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka Love from Israel 🇮🇱❤️

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@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka ....dary!

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@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka This is legen....wait for it....

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@ActuallyNPH @godslovenyc @MichaelKors @Davidburtka I LOVE YOU NEIL

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The ref blew it up a few seconds early because even he couldn't bare to watch anymore. 🤣🤣🤣 #ARSNEW #NUFC.

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🔴⚪ Arsenal 0-0 Newcastle ⚫⚪


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J’avais oublié à quel point voir un match d’Arsenal, ça pouvait déprimer des gens #ARSNEW

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First half analysis...

Get this guy on🔥🔥🔥🔥

We need more energy in the second half... #ARSNEW

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Arsenal 🔴 0-0 ⚫️ Newcastle

The Gunners dominate possession but continue to lack the final ball and the finish. Needing improvement in the second half.

#Arsenal #COYG #ARSNEW

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Chances, but no goals ⛔️

🔴 0-0 ⚫️ (HT)


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Arsenal 0x0 Newcastle

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Premier League - 19ªRodada

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Mi-temps à l'Emirates ! 0-0 pour l'instant après 45 premières minutes dominées par les Gunners, qui auront notamment touché le montant par l'intermédiaire du capitaine Aubameyang. Il manque pour l'instant un peu de vitesse pour ouvrir la marque côté Arsenal !


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