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 1 month ago

PJ Is One Of My ABSOLUTE Favs ❤️ @PJMORTON #SoulTrainAwards

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Here comes the part where we vote him off the continent and he flees to Russia... if Putin doesn't turn him away.

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National Guard are controlled by Trump. Where does the buck stop, again?
#TrumpTreason #TrumpSeriesFinale
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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The Biggest Loser will be appearing as a regular on Orange is the New Black.


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The #TrumpSeriesFinale is the only #TrumpTV I am willing to watch...

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#TrumpSeriesFinale could be Wednesday but if we don’t play it right it could be on the air for another four years

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“Our client thought it’d #BeBest to serve you with divorce papers.” - Melania’s lawyers #TrumpSeriesFinale

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