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 1 month ago

In Rumaan Alam’s Leave the World Behind, a white family staying at a Hamptons Airbnb is startled when the Black owners knock on the door

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@vulture It didn’t take place in the Hamptons.

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#DontTrustPeopleWho use lies to prop up their morally bankrupt position...........

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I #DontTrustPeopleWho leave their empty store cart in the middle of the parking lot instead of walking it to the return cart area, a few feet away.

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#DontTrustPeopleWho tell you they are the most honest person you’ll ever meet

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#DontTrustPeopleWho smear to shut you up

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#DontTrustPeopleWho DO NOT enjoy cheese and beetroot sandwiches.

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#DontTrustPeopleWho say private businesses can do whatever they want then back the banning of parler.....

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