France demands Pakistan rectifies Macron Nazi jibe

France demands Pakistan rectifies Macron Nazi jibe

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 2 days ago

@timesofindia Pakistan’s answer : 🖕

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@timesofindia Its over the head, over-statement by Pakistani human rights minister. But it reflects the people to be more kind & caring towards each other. As per Good and bad individuals, every country in the world have some, in Pakistan, the same were regarded Heros by the west in 70-80s

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@timesofindia #Pakistan is the terrorist haven of the world. Nothing it says can be of importance. It might be time to stop immigration from certain countries. These are the people causing unrest & instability inside developed nations they’ve now made home.

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@CarrieWelborn Don't let RINO Loeffler get away with it! Vote Trump!

Libs - Owned✅
AOC - Sad✅
America - Saved✅

Oh yeah, it's MAGA time!! 🇺🇸😎🇺🇸

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@mmpadellan Treat the #WriteInTrumpForGA as a fake movement and expect @GOP voters to show up for the Georgia special elections. @GeorgiaDemocrat knows this.

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Just as I predicted the need to fire Parscale, I know this to be true: the patriots who work at the White House are not beaten. If the courts fail us, there will be a triumphant return of Trump in 2024 with a mandate to continue making our country great. #KAG #WriteInTrumpForGA

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Save our nation from the Libs
#WriteInTrumpForGA #MAGA

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DO NOT #WriteInTrumpForGA WHy is Twitter allowing this to trend? Freaking criminals.

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Experiment 1 complete..
People that voted for Joe and the hoe will believe anything.
Good job CNN the sheep will now comply and your position on the Biden team will now be secure.

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