Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump, the most dangerous president ever, golfs and sends out bogus tweets in an outrageous and desperate attempt to overturn an election he lost by more than 6 million votes. Bye-bye, Trump. You will not destroy American democracy.

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 3 days ago

@BernieSanders Trump tweeting during G20...

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 3 days ago

@BernieSanders We need to start calling them what they are-

Fascists: @GOP @realDonaldTrump @PressSec @senatemajldr @RudyGiuliani @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio @tedcruz

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@BernieSanders I mean, he still actually may destroy our democracy. The chaos he will surely cause to undermine Biden's presidency will be the true test. Do not become complacent, this attack on our nation is far from over.

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@BernieSanders At least twitter is flagging pretty much all of them! I can give ya that! Thanks @Twitter

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 3 days ago

@BernieSanders Get his ass

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@BernieSanders yes dad ily

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 3 days ago

@BernieSanders Combover Caligula.

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#HappiestSeason Holy shit. Kristen Stewart’s Christmas party wardrobe made me audibly gasp.

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#HappiestSeason out already??

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Can’t stay up to watch #HappiestSeason right now, but it’s definitely on my schedule for tomorrow evening. I’m so excited. 😍 @HappiestSeason

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No cuz Aubrey plaza’s character was the best and I will not elaborate #HappiestSeason

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NOT “STAY OUT OF THIS SAPPHO”!!!! 😭💀 #HappiestSeason

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muito bom ser sapatão e fã de kristen stewart, vou assistir #HappiestSeason mais 5 vezes. o filme que curou minha alma.

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@cleaduvall I hope you know what an incredible, moving, joyous film you’ve created with #HappiestSeason

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