It is beyond pathetic for a sitting president to try to subvert the results of an election. It is even worse when the Republican Party, with few exceptions, remains silent over this outrageous attack on democracy. The GOP has ceased to be a political party. It is now a cult.

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@ronmarx Profile picture ronmarx


 4 days ago

@paulkent @BernieSanders Biden will do just fine. Glad you listened to @SenSanders by voting for Joe & Kamala. If inspired voters in Georgia can rally to achieve a 50-50 seating in the Senate, then #BidenHarris will be able to #BuildBackBetter the country we love. (Personal regards, Paul.)

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@mainesongwriter @BernieSanders "When the dig barks... when the bee stings..." sad to have witnessed the turning of a formerly honest society into a hateful cult society. Harkens back to 1930s Germany. Hate begets hate. Don't be saying you're Christian. We hear the hate.

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 4 days ago

@max_heap @BernieSanders Ironically Mitt really is a Conservative Republican, he just happens to also have a soul

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@BernieSanders (A" Few of Trump's Favorite Things")

Ginning up chaos with sick machinations ....

White power racists, and slick tax evasions ...

Trashing democracy, pawned wedding rings ....

These are a few of Trump's Favorite things!

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 4 days ago

@BernieSanders I am still speechless, I think Mitt should just separate and become and independent..

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 4 days ago
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 4 days ago

@BernieSanders Keep swinging, Bernie. We need you now more than ever.

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 4 days ago

@BernieSanders Get 'em Bernie

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@BernieSanders - Trump lost the election

- Trump lost in court

- Trump lost the recount

- Trump lost in Wayne County
-Trump just found a whole new way to successfully lose the elections.

We just keep finding new ways to defeat Trump, and I am not tired of winning.

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Life OfThe Party es mi canción favorita y la canta de ptm #LiveInConcert

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minha mae veio no meu quarto e acabou de falar: “de novo isso??? ele só posta as coisas 5 horas da manhã??? o que você não faz por ele né” eu tô morrendo KKKKK #LiveInConcert

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guys szybkie pytanko, ten film jest z większości/wszystkich koncertów czy tylko z toronto? bo zrozumiałam że z toronto
#LiveInConcert #ShawnMendes

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to perdida na setlist vei #LiveInConcert

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O que foi isso??? Tô chorando muito
É uma das coisas mais lindas que já vi
Never Be Alone conte comigo pra tudo

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tô me tremendo de tanto chorar vtmnc #LiveInConcert

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Why are they skipping songs? #LiveInConcert

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