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 4 days ago

Quoted @driveonstardust

@halsey wait !! fun fact: i heard that your brain can’t actually make faces up in your dreams so they’re actually people you’ve seen before !!

Oh definitely! I’ve met probably tens of thousands of fans at this point maybe even hundreds?! So people sneak into my dreams alllllllll the time! I also don’t know anyone in real life to dream about haha

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 4 days ago

@paigeaIIison @halsey omg it lives in mine

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@halsey okay but what TEA DO YOU HAVE GIRL

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 4 days ago

@halsey hopefully i meet u one day 🥺

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 4 days ago

@halsey does my lil mullet live in ur mind 😏😏

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 4 days ago

@halsey Dream about me??

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 4 days ago

@halsey 🦋🦋

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 4 days ago

@halsey Follow me please

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 4 days ago

@halsey check ur dms bae

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 4 days ago

@halsey i dreamt i was at your concert at barrier and you was talking to me and you yelled at me to shut up cause i was screaming and paris hilton was somehow in the dream but i can’t remember

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With #ParlerHacked, I wonder if the Twitter policy of not allowing "hacked" materials on the site will be enforced like it was against @nypost?

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@dbongino, Twitter promoting #ParlerHacked fake news should be actionable. This is a monopoly sabotaging it’s startup competition.

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@MarkDice remember all @jack a** does is blame the algorithms... he thinks he's a smart cookie. #ParlerHacked

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#ParlerHacked is a bold faced lie from panicked Dems and their mouthpieces. And panic they should.

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