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 1 week ago

me transformei na pessoa que faz "senhora e senhores, chegamos!" 💪 junto com @marcosmion

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 6 days ago

@stefbaptistta @marcosmion Hahahahah eu e minha filha de 5 anos faz também ela adora essa fazenda

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Did Michael just ask Sarah for a poke ❓❓My dinner is ruined #loveafterlockup #LifeAfterLockup

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Are these women DESPERATE? Michael is broke and doesn’t have any sense of responsibility... what do they see in him? #loveafterlockup #LifeAfterLockup

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If I was Lamar I would put my foot in Andrea's ass about not allowing his daughters meet and interact. You can't keep that man from his daughter from another cuz you're jealous. #LifeAfterLockup #loveafterlockup

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Michael is so typical #LoveAfterLockup

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Michael is trash! Literal trash! #loveafterlockup

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Sean isn’t all of that concerned about his $50k #loveafterlockup

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Ok #LoveAfterLockup At this point we don't care who Micheal Fools around with #LifeAfterLockup

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Don’t wanna meet anymore of Mikes bitches #loveafterlockup

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