Taxpayers are subsidizing some of the wealthiest families and most profitable corporations in America. That is morally obscene and it's going to change. Workers need to earn a living wage.

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@OMG_WHISKEY @BernieSanders *exceptions for michael scott

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@RetaliateForce @BernieSanders Subsidies in general just throw the entire system out of balance, and is too often used as a crutch rather than to improve things.

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@BernieSanders Absolutely. And all the while, the GOP supports corporate tax cuts and corporate welfare. It's a scam!

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@BernieSanders Translation: Subsidies are only good when it's for something I want

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@BernieSanders Thank you!

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@BernieSanders Wealth tax now. Now. Now. Now.

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@BernieSanders @BernieSanders Hi, @rural_united is a brand-new group focused on promoting rural democratic tickets in areas of the country often forgotten! Please follow and retweet! Let’s usher in a new era for our rural communities nationwide!

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Taylor’s facial expressions during My Tears Ricochet... sad, mad, angry and that little sigh at the end... yep tells you everything you need to know about it! And I’m balling crying @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #folkloreOnDisneyPlus

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as pessoas realmente ficaram acordadas pro #folkloreOnDisneyPlus? meu deus, acabei de acordar mas pra ir fazer caminhada

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Since im at work should i listen to it omw home or wait till i get home and watch? #folkloreOnDisneyPlus

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cursing my name
wishing I stayed
look at how my tears ricochet...

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