This is what authoritarianism looks like:

Trump not conceding after losing.

Sen. Graham pressuring Secretaries of State to not count ballots.

Michigan GOP pushing to not certify state's election results.

Giuliani creating fiction.

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 5 days ago

@CuzTehLulz @BernieSanders Hypothetically, if he knows voter fraud has occured, shouldn't he do everything he can to prove it in court?

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@horny__yoda @BernieSanders Horny for Bernie we are l. Horny for democracy we are

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 5 days ago

@BernieSanders All Trump is doing is making it harder for Republicans to get elected/reelected in the future. I imagine many will just not vote! I mean, what's the point if it's rigged anyway... right?

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@BernieSanders Civil war will occur if this goes even further.

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 5 days ago
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@BernieSanders horny i am

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