The major political conflict we face now is not over policy. It's about whether or not we remain a democracy. Frighteningly, many Republican officials are abandoning the rule of law to become part of the Trump authoritarian cult. We will fight back and win.

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 6 days ago

@OMG_WHISKEY @BernieSanders Is that in front of Trump tower??

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 6 days ago

@SaashaSingh1 @BernieSanders That's illegal

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@arachno_commie @BernieSanders What he posted was 100% facts

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@BernieSanders 🙏😇🙏😇

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 6 days ago

@BernieSanders Trumps goal is to decrease voter turnout, not win

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 6 days ago

@BernieSanders just posted cringe :(((

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@BernieSanders No, it actually is about policy

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#MLSCupPlayoffs || ❌Carlos Vela y una noche para olvidar❌

El delantero del #LAFC falló un penal, no tuvo un buen partido y cuando finalmente dio una asistencia que terminó en gol... había fuera de lugar y #Sounders los dejó fuera.


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When fans are allowed back to MLS stadiums, I really hope a group of #Sounders fans take it upon themselves to form "The IlLumennati" as a new fringe SG


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Gritty moneyline win for the #Seattle #Sounders 🔨⚽️🔨

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@TaylorTwellman So if the #Sounders win #MLSCup, you truly believe Nico/Raul/Jordan are better than Beckham/Keane/Donovan?

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Thoroughly enjoying the work Schmetzer is doing in Seattle and he’s got a real good idea of how to get the most out of his team in big games. Oh ya and Nico/Raul/Jordan are good. #Sounders #MLS

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