Happy to hear @RoKhanna is in the mix for U.S. Senate. Ro was a co-chair of my presidential campaign, has a bold vision for America and is a proven fighter for working people.

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@BernieSanders @RoKhanna Co chair of your campaign...

So he's a loser?

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@BernieSanders @RoKhanna Ro is one of the very good ones.

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@BernieSanders @RoKhanna 🙏😇🙏😇

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@BernieSanders @RoKhanna Damn is this an endorsement?!?

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@BernieSanders @RoKhanna He has my full support

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@BernieSanders @RoKhanna So sorry to even ask for it, but if anyone could donate or just retweet my GoFundMe page that would mean so much to my family 🙏🏼❤️

My husband, our cat and I are facing eviction. Every single retweet helps so much 💔

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@BernieSanders @RoKhanna The refusal of Republican leaders to acknowledge the results of the presidential election is not just an attack on Biden. It is an attack on American democracy,and shows the degree to which the Republican party is moving toward authoritarian

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Terminó la última llave de los Cuartos de Final de la Conferencia Oeste de la #MLSCupPlayoffs.

#Sounders 3-1 #LAFC

Carlos Vela fue titular, falló un penal y dio asistencia en el único gol de Los Angeles FC.

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Stan Verrett definitely said “Paul Ruidiaz” on SportsCenter. Oof.

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¡El #LAFC otra vez no pudó contra los #Sounders!

Por segundo año consecutivo los de Seattle eliminan al equipo de Carlos Vela en los #MLSCupPlayoffs

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This is kinda crazy. #Sounders

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I’ll be honest, im feeling better than Bob. #sounders

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Even with a full LAFC team we still would have won. I’m so so serious
#SEAvLAFC #Sounders #MLSCupPlayoffs

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Fulltime from Seattle!

Despite a late strike from #LAFC’s Atuesta, the Sounders were able to stay afloat and send the loan representative of the City of Angels crashing out in Round 1.

The #Sounders will move on to face FC Dallas in the Western Conference Semis next week!

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