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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is now streaming on @Netflix! #EverythingIsPossible @StrongBlackLead @NetflixFilm

and so it is christmastime!!!

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 1 week ago

@alexjon @chrissyteigen I’m trying to be that house from the Geico commercial

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@chrissyteigen Before anyone freaks out about this: LET PEOPLE HAVE SOME JOY IN THEIR OWN SPECIAL WAY.

Y'all had Halloween for like 3 months, now it's time for INFINITE CHRISTMAS

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 1 week ago
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@chrissyteigen Oh my gosh just started watching this movie @PhyliciaRashad is lovely and I cried when I saw her like seeing an old friend 💙 we need this magic right about now 💫 🎄

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 1 week ago
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 1 week ago

@chrissyteigen $Tyjnicole or venmo @Tyjel-Nicole89 really hoping to get a little bit of help as I've had a bit of hardluck fall on me to start this month. Trying to hold it together for the kids but any help would really be a blessing. Much love to all and I hope the best for everyone. 💖💖

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 1 week ago

@chrissyteigen YASSSSSSS QUEEN FIRE @GSAEmily

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 1 week ago
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@andylassner Rumor has it that it is #DiaperDon . I could be mistaken, but I’m certain that they said it was #DiaperDon

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The lyrics to Richard's #DiaperDon song are coming along well. I think #DiaperDon might just be a hit single for him.

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@CNNPolitics #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon #DiaperDon

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The #DiaperDon trend and Trump’s shrinking desk are somehow reminiscent of the Emperor’s New Clothes fairy tale.

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#DiaperDon is trending #1 n Agent Orange is freaking out. I have to admit this is funny as shit. Don’t keep it trending #1 #DiaperDon may have no diapers left by morning. I bet @GovRonDeSantis would stock Mar-a-Lago full of them n change them if he packed his bags n moved now.

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