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We've fact-checked some of his claims.


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@ImHindustani5 @sonamakapoor Aur ham bjp ke sath...

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@sonamakapoor Godi media😡

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@sonamakapoor Jin logon ko loksabha aur rajyasabha election kese hota ye pata nahin he wo log america election ke bare mein gyan de rahe hein.

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 2 weeks ago

@sonamakapoor Wow someone just got active on Twitter after arnabs arrest ..!!! #arnabarrested #SonamKapoor happy 😃

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@sonamakapoor The result for the American election will take time! Personally, I'm for Donald Trump! There will be legal proceedings and we will see the result!

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 2 weeks ago

@sonamakapoor Hii Sonam 🦋

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@sonamakapoor WHO का कहना है कि ...."वायरस" के साथ ही जीना सीखना होगा,

भैया हम लोग तो कई दशकों से "कांग्रेस" के साथ जी ही रहे हैं...

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It is safe to say that the Indian economy is back on track #DownloadAtmanirbharApps

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The mind of @BigHitEnt really scares me sometimes. Dynamite isn't eligible in most music shows anymore because of the 3-month rule so they damn replace it with LGO on the first week on ineligibility. #LifeGoesOn1stWin

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@charts_k @BTS_twt Let @bts_twt keep winning till the end of this year. Keep streaming and buying #LifeGoesOn for LONGEVITY


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