I’m a fan of @chrisramsay52 and share his love of puzzles, magic, and escape-y things. Had a legit good time being interviewed on his YT channel about my new game, Box ONE (though it was a tad frustrating at the end). Check it out:

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@ActuallyNPH @chrisramsay52 I’ll have to check this out. I think I recently solved the NPH deck’s puzzle, but not sure lol. I definitely found something though!

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@AsunOlivan Profile picture Asun Olivan


 2 months ago

@ActuallyNPH @chrisramsay52 Watched the whole interview and loved it! The whole team of creators of the game will be proud to see it 😜 No, seriously, going to check out right away if it ships to the UK!

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@VGKMike Profile picture Mike!


 2 months ago

@ActuallyNPH @chrisramsay52 You didnt make the game alone... 🤔

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@Safyrae Profile picture Safyrae


 2 months ago

@ActuallyNPH @chrisramsay52 This was such fun!

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@Tonyware3rd Profile picture Tony


 2 months ago

@ActuallyNPH @chrisramsay52 Thank you for doing that interview. I would love to see an aerial picture of the hedge maze when it’s finished.

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@MrJayTunes Profile picture JayTunes


 2 months ago

@ActuallyNPH @chrisramsay52 Hmm you guys are up to no good and we love it!! Episode 2!!!

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@rafaelCdBS @ActuallyNPH @chrisramsay52 Reminds me of my favorite series HIMYM 😂

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