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 3 months ago

the best part of a trump presidency is not feeling bad about cutting off financial support to all my unsuccessful christian family members. #CoastalEliteTweet

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@CreatureKingdom @danieltosh Says the dude who is an "actor" at a haunted house 😂

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh I’m thinking @danieltosh account has been hacked

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@danieltosh Holy shit! Forgot about you! Ok, you can leave now.

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 3 months ago

@hillidieon @danieltosh chill. tosh was the first troll, he hurts no ones feelings

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh I’m so excited for the “u standt 4 that flag” crowd to slowly realize you’re making fun of them and start tweeting back

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@danieltosh Find a new network yet?

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh God will provide lol

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 3 months ago
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#dreamwaswrong bad ass timing but im reading a dream fanfic as this hashtag is going on

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you understand #dreamwaswrong is the actual wrong thing here... right? dream has said before that even tho he's okay with it doesnt mean everyone is. dream doesnt speak for everyone. I havent seen the art work. do I want to? no. was it wrong for whoever drew it to do that? yes. +

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#dreamwaswrong why is this trending? Dream has said many times it's not okay to ship or sexualize minors or people not okay with it. He is okay with HIMSELF being sexualized and shipped as long as the other party involved is as well. This is not supported cp

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No one said child porn was okay and It will never be it’s fucking disgusting but You can’t just blame a creator for what some of the fans might do 😐He said he is not ok with nsfw art of him and a minor 😀 #dreamwaswrong
thats all i had to say goodnight 🫐

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#dreamwaswrong what this mean

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