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 2 months ago

one of the biggest reasons i want trump out is because he makes it embarrassing to admit i’m american during my extensive travels abroad. #CoastalEliteTweet

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@AllHappyTeams @danieltosh Lol he can literally fill swimming pools with cash. I am pretty sure I'd rather be tosh then this ->

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 2 months ago

@danieltosh Man, he is a great topic and you can and get to call him an orange bafoon......but his politics are not the worst

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@danieltosh Tell it brother. Lol

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 2 months ago

@danieltosh Ain’t that the truth

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@danieltosh Damn right! There's not enough bleach in the world to get rid of that skid mark

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@danieltosh Wouldn't it be more embarrassing to admit you're Daniel Tosh?

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@danieltosh He makes it embarrassing when I’m just sitting at home.

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@danieltosh your intern is on fire

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Who would’ve thought? 2020 was one for the books! #twitchrecap

And now starting off 2021 getting @Twitch Partner is just the beginning of another amazing year. 💜

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What a wild ride 2020 was thanks you all for the love and support. #TwitchRecap

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OHHAITHERE! Well since everyone blows into the ether I might just do it as well!

Here is my #twitchrecap for 2020!

I am proud what we in the Coffee Shop achieved together! Thank you all for everything!

#TwitchRecap2020 #twitch #TwitchStreamers

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Well, guess it's official @drnkie @finto182 I watch you the most! Damn. ☺️☪️🙏✨

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Pues ya está mi #TwitchRecap. Es poquito, pero ahí la llevamos. Muchas gracias a los que me han acompañado en este sueño guajiro y espero podamos hacer crecer esta comunidad. Los tqm.


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Progression! 2020 was a crazy year. I hope this year will get better!

#twitch #twitchrecap #TwitchRecap2020 #twitchaffiliate #twitchgamer

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7 months wrapped up! Rest in peace our Simp King emote! #TwitchRecap #TwitchRecap2020 #TwitchStreamers #twitch

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