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 3 months ago

So proud of this @MiamiHEAT team. #HeatNation the future is bright.

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@MickyArison @MiamiHEAT Win or Lose it’s the Heat we choose!!!👏👏👏❤️

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 3 months ago

@MickyArison @MiamiHEAT Great season, Mr. Arison!

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 3 months ago

@MickyArison @JoeyAbady @MiamiHEAT Please give us Giannis or Brad

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 3 months ago

@MickyArison @MiamiHEAT It's time to add Giannis

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 3 months ago

@MickyArison @MiamiHEAT Bring us Giannis

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 3 months ago
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@MickyArison @MiamiHEAT What an amazing run!!

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 3 months ago

@MickyArison @MiamiHEAT bring goran back dad

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 3 months ago

@MickyArison @MiamiHEAT BRING GIANNIS!

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Adolf Hitler led the Nazi Party’s failed coup d'état (Beer Hall Putsch) In 1923. He was punished lightly, so he came back stronger and caused WWII & Holocaust tragedies.
Trump must be found guilty & not allowed to run for office again!

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#MeghanMcCain #disinformation campaign in #TheView spouting claims from #TheFederalist to a wider audience on @ABCNetwork, you can have a dissenting view with a more grounded #conservative #pundit like @ananavarro without giving voice to a fringe, unfortunately #McCain became one

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@MeghanMcCain & @GOP party nit picking at every little thing! I guess they miss #Trumps INCOMPETENCE!! #TheView #BidenHarris

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Just reading what @MeghanMcCain vomited about Fauci on #TheView should be enough reason for everyone to understand why The Resistance is still here and growing larger every day. We have to safeguard our Republic against liar's like her. #TheResistance

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#TheView ,@MeghanMcCain Fauci was pressured to say that masks weren't necessary because mike pompeo and trump sent 17.2 TONS of PPE to china on Feb 7th 2020! A F T E R they had knowledge of the virus being in the USA. We didn't have masks for HCW OR the citizens!

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@RHOC_KellyDodd @LeaBlackMiami @TheView @andy can we fire this person already. Coming after Joy Behar, not allowed! #TheView #RHOC

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Another thing @meghanmccain it’s not on the 81+ million people to heal & unify the nation. We are good. You and your party need to heal yourselves. We can’t help you. You didn’t see us climbing walls of the Capitol. #TheView ⚖️👎

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She continues to spew her rhetoric on how Democrats are fighting from within when her party supported the most treasonous, unpatriotic and vile person to hold office ever. Forgot to add he incited an insurrection. Do better @TheView #TheView

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