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Two of my favorite theatre haunts, Nizza and Marseille, are feeding Actors Equity members for free during the industry shutdown. Eat now and pay later if you can, I β€” πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­β€οΈ

These will now become my go to restaurants when the covid has lifted. Well done #nizzanyc & #marseillenyc really well done. #TogetherStronger

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@oyvey97 Profile picture Terri Finch


 3 months ago

@AlexDinelaris @ActuallyNPH If I lived in NY I would join you. Great job to everyone there

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@SMReuther Profile picture Sally M Reuther


 3 months ago

@AlexDinelaris @ActuallyNPH Can’t wait to go to NYC again so I can go to these wonderful restaurants!

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@AlexDinelaris I love Marseille & Nizza! Two of my Hells Kitchen favorites are feeding @ActorsEquity - Support these generous NYC restaurants!

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@AlexDinelaris @natcassidy I’m going SOON. That’s my hood. And I’ve spent plenty of time in both. Bless them.

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@AlexDinelaris Nizza is actually really good, and Marseille is a classic!

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@AlexDinelaris πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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@MrJimOHare @AlexDinelaris This is wonderful! Love both these places...now even more!!

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@MrJimOHare Profile picture Jim O'Hare


 3 months ago

@AlexDinelaris Nizza is a great restaurant, I've eaten there many times! Good neighbors are what NYC is all about!

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@aanavee Profile picture Ana VillafaΓ±e


 3 months ago

@AlexDinelaris wowowow

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@ProjectLincoln The virus of hate is a grave danger that festers into threats, division, and violence.
America must immunize itself from the virus of hatred. This is only possible when character is our moral compass. #MLKDay #MLK #MLKJr

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The remarkable story of the I Have A Dream Speech . . . #thankyou @timferrisssays @GeorgeRaveling #MLKJr

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Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day, and what would have been his 92nd birthday (January 15th). We use this holiday as a reminder to take a moment and celebrate the Reverend for all of his accomplishments and vision. #mlkjr #mlkday

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Oh #Monday πŸ‘€. yes it’s #MLKDay πŸ“.. celeb for diversity and #MLK, some special limited stickers are OUT.

rem #MLKDay2021 #MLKJr #diversity #equality #justice #IHaveADream

#Rage with #Aggretsuko & #friends: #tsunoda, #Haida & #fenneko. #StaySafe 😊😼

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Today, we honor you, Dr. King. Thank you!
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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