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From your best friend’s birthday to “Hello ma, I got out of bed on Sunday.” 🤭

With Google Duo, spend every moment together, even while you stay apart 🥰

Be it boops with a long-distance doggo friend or catch-up calls on the weekend, @imVkohli and I always find ways to stay close to the ones we love the most 🤗🥰

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@AnushkaSharma @imVkohli 😍😍😍😍😍

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@AnushkaSharma @imVkohli Me And my mates waiting for #IPL2020 And situation is 👇👇😂😂

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@AnushkaSharma @imVkohli ❤️❤️

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El totalitarismo nos está buscando continuamente, no lo dejemos entrar nunca más. #WeRemember


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#WeRemember our past and today, on the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, in particular the 6 million murdered during the holocaust. There is no future without remembrance. #HolocaustMemorialDay #Shoah

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Nazis didn't sit in judgement at Nuremburg.
All trials take place after the crime has been committed.

Most important #WeRemember today, how a supremacist movement murdered innocent millions.

History need not repeat.

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One of the horrors not widely known. This is from the Museum at Pinkus Synagogue, Prague. They disguised vehicles as red cross trucks and used them to gas people. #WeRemember

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Today is #InternationalHolocaustRemembranceDay. We honour all Holocaust Survivors, and remember the six million Jewish victims of the Shoah, and the millions of other victims of the Nazis. #WeRemember

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On #HolocaustRemembranceDay, listen to survivor Marian Turski.


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