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 6 months ago

I've been plotting alongside Rebecca Solnit, @emmawatson and @WOWisGlobal launch a public history project - reimagining @TfL’s Tube map by naming stops after women who've made their mark on the city. Would love to know who should rep your local station:

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@Mic_Sig @renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL Feminsts don't mind at all that transwomen are represented. We do mind that it happens at the expense of real women. We are still underrepresented as are transmen.

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 6 months ago

@Rosamund_Lil @renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL @ellie__miles Wowowowowowowow

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 6 months ago

@ShaziaSaeed_MC @renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL @HackneyAbbott 🙌🏾

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 6 months ago

@renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL Love this. Is it possible to include the two Northern Line Extension stations in Nine Elms, even though they haven’t quite opened please?

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@renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL After Covid break, you are back in show with @bbcaaron
Good to see you too.😊

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 6 months ago

@renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL @HackneyAbbott for being a pioneer on so many levels

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@renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL @ellie__miles

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@renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL What a brilliant idea!

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 6 months ago

@renireni @ThomsonPat @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL @brunamontuori

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 6 months ago

@renireni @EmmaWatson @WOWisGlobal @TfL This was beautiful when done in Santiago.

(However, a station was named after a drag and another after a trans writer and the terfs are still fighting about it)

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Wow. @BuffaloBills are 25% on 3rd down in the #NFLPlayoffs. And are in #AFCChampionship. That’s crazy.

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Schaut man sich vor dem Spiel noch das andere Playoff-Spiel an?

#NFLPlayoffs #NFLTwitter #nfl #ranNFLsuechtig #rannfl

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It’s weird that sites like Indeed advertise during such an expensive time like the #NFLPlayoffs. I’ve been out of work and let me tell you, if you have a site that posts jobs, people out of work will find it. No need to show commercials for it.

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Come on, Belichick HIRED his son.

Brady hasn't done THAT.

#NFLPlayoffs #SuperBowlLV

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@DrLupo @timthetatman The
@Buccaneers will be the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium! #NFLPlayoffs #SBLV

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Andy Reid is smarter than the average bear! #ChiefsKingdom #AFCChampionship #ChampionshipSunday #NFLPlayoffs #NFL #Chief #ChiefMinister #BillsMafia #blackexcellence

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