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“El rico nace con oportunidades que puede desperdiciar. Pero ¿el pobre?”. The White Tiger: de la pobreza a la riqueza en 12 frases de supervivencia


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Seen #TheWhiteTiger on Netflix? You can find the audiobook of Aravind Adiga's book that the film was based on in our library here

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#TheWhiteTiger based on the book of @AravindAdiga is an engrossing tale of servant & Master with abject subjection to the book & not ingenious by #RaminBahrani.

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#TheWhiteTiger is on Netflix top 10 in almost over 80 countries #PriyankaChopra keep streaming it guys look at the countries its everywhere

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Manav isn’t allowing me to watch #TheWhiteTiger without him 🥺

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SHE’S become a major Hollywood star, but Priyanka Chopra Jonas returns to her home country of India for this terrific and tense thriller. 🙆‍♀️ 🤘 #PriyankaChopra #TheWhiteTiger

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#TheWhiteTiger is on Netflix top 10 in almost over 80 countries #PriyankaChopra keep streaming it guys

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The best 'new' film I watched this weekend was #TheWhiteTiger , a compelling satirical drama about the rise of a lowly villager to a successful entrepreneur in modern India. @_gouravadarsh is brilliant!

@ramanbahrani #TheWhiteTigerReview @priyankachopra

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Bollywood icon Priyanka Chopra’s latest film The White Tiger, which released on Netflix on January 22, has been trending globally ever since then.

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......a handful of men in this country have trained the remaining 99.9 percent—as strong, as talented, as inteligent in every way—to exist in perpetual servitude;


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Check out “The White Tiger” on Netflix. I only just finished reading #TheWhiteTiger and am looking forward to this film.

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#TheWhiteTiger (Hindi) : Ideology Between Rich And Poor ! Soild Story Telling From Director Ramin Bahrani

'Adarsh Gourav' The New Star Of The Week He Dominated Whole Film By His Fascinating Acting Skills

Telugu Audio Also Available
Very Good Watch

Streaming Platform : Netflix

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Why isn't @netflix @NetflixIndia promoting #TheWhiteTiger on their instagram page?

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#TheWhiteTiger A must watch. The differences dat lower class and upper class has, the struggle and the luxury, both r well showcased in the movie. Everyone is so good in there part that you can't imagine anyone else in that. @priyankachopra @RajkummarRao @_GouravAdarsh @netflix

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Actress #PriyankaChopraJonas (@priyankachopra) thanked fans for the positive response to her new release, #TheWhiteTiger, which had opened globally on OTT over the weekend.


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Stream #TheWhiteTiger people keep streaming #PriyankaChopra

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The White Tiger (2021) is the movie to see on Netflix. Based on 2008 Man Booker prize winning novel.
Starring Priyanka Chopra, Adarsh Gourav and Rajkummar Rao.

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Such a strong, resilient, deep & powerful message #TheWhiteTiger conveys! 🤍

One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while, also @RajkummarRao @priyankachopra @_GouravAdarsh have been superbly brilliant with their realistic & outstanding performances.🙏🏻 A must watch! @NetflixIndia

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Just finished watching #TheWhiteTiger . A decent one-time watch for us Indians - and just tailor-made for the international audience.

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finished watching #TheWhiteTiger! and, here is my small review on letterboxd:

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#TheWhiteTiger move हेर्दै छु दमि रैछ link चाहिये भन्नू होला 😊

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More power to you, brother! @_GouravAdarsh 🤍💪🏻 Way to go. Best wishes & keep glorifying the screen like this. 💯 Bollywood needs more realistic actors like you. 🙏🏻 #TheWhiteTiger

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#TheWhiteTiger हेर्छु ल अब!

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Nobody could’ve pulled off that role better than you, @_GouravAdarsh. 🙏🏻 The emotions that you’ve put on is clearly evident not only from your dialogues but also from your facial expressions. 🤍 Such a strong, resilient, deep & powerful message the movie conveys! #TheWhiteTiger

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Alternative take: #TheWhiteTiger and its pigeonholed take on India.

@priyankachopra @RajkummarRao

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You should watch #TheWhiteTiger just for the stellar performance of Adarsh Gourav. He's really what makes the film work. Surprisingly, the whole "nri indian gaze" thing doesn't ruin it.

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@priyankachopra is ecstatic over overwhelming audience response for her film #TheWhiteTiger, being streamed on @NetflixIndia. #PriyankaChopra said she is emotional to see such an amazing response globally to a movie with an all INDIAN star cast!

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These lines👏


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#TheWhiteTiger....hmm. Can’t say fantastic movie. Just ok. Draggy.

+ve shows the other side of #DigitalIndia’s slums, corrupted system, master slavery, religious hatred, poor, and etc.

Storyline so².

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#Netflix Top Ten Shows And Movies In India This Monday

1. #TheWhiteTiger
2. #FateTheWinxSaga
3. #Tribhanga
4. #OutsideTheWire
5. #Bridgerton
6. #Sir
7. #Lupin
8. #Friends
9. #BlingEmpire
10. #JurassicPark #CampCretaceous

@NetflixIndia @netflix

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'The White Tiger' is a roaring success

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What film is this for you?

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