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You may not agree, but I hope the #STLblues never forget about this game. I hope it sticks in their crawl all year and fires them up. You can't take a night off.

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The Avs put on an absolute SHOW against the Blues 🥵🥵🥵

#GoAvsGo - 8
▫️Grubauer: 21 Save shutout
▫️MacKinnon & Makar: 3pts each

#STLBlues - 0
▫️Binnington & Husso: 4 goals conceded..each 😬


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We're 10 days away from an Alex Pietrangelo @NHLRevenge game.

#VegasBorn #STLBlues

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All of the back to backs make this season look like a bunch of mini playoffs. The loser of the first game can immediately redeem itself. Quite different than a normal season. Those adjustments in the 2nd game of the back to back will make for interesting results #stlblues

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#stlblues fans gonna have to get ready for not being a contender. here's why. Armstrong replaced one of the top defenders in the league with someone hapless, for almost the same money. Why did he do that? Is he stupid? Was turnstiles on Faulk, Krug & Dunn. These are not defenders

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Need a refresher of last nights action before heading into today’s huge schedule of games? We’ve got you covered with our Game Grades
#GoAvsGo  #stlblues  #LeafsForever  #Sens #ALLCAPS  #LetsGoBuffalo  #LetsGoPens  #AnytimeAnywhere  #GoBolts  #Blackhawks 

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@101espn @AnthonyDiComo Opening faceoff for the San Jose Sharks and the St Louis Blues are coming. #stlblues

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Ranking 15 Jan @NHL Uniform Matchups
1: #ALLCAPS vs #LetsGoBuffalo
2: #Blackhawks vs #GoBolts
3: #GoAvsGo vs #stlblues
4: #GoSensGo vs #LeafsForever
5: #AnytimeAnywhere vs #LetsGoPens

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I would go out on a limb btw and say it’s a little awkward how before she came on we pumped up the #stlblues just got them to get torched. Ouch @jonesyb08

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...watching something. So when the first pop up came in showing the Avs had scored on the Blues, I was like, "oh cool! I forgot it did that. #LGB!"

Then...it started getting absurd over the course of the next 7 Avs goals. Made the movie funnier, actually.


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Same, Chief. Same. #stlblues

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#stlcitysc MLS Stadium 1/16/21 with Radiohead - All I Need

#stlouis #stlouisstars #mls4thelou #stlouiscitysc #stlcitysc #stlcards #stlblues #stlouiscity #stlstars #stlfc #saintlouisfc

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Nice of @StLouisBlues to give hockey coaches everywhere 60 minutes of what not to do in D-zone coverage last night. Holy cow, that was bad. #stlblues #GoAvsGo #HockeyIsBack

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1/15 #HockeyTwitter 🥅🏒
Joint Record▪2-1|66.7%|+0.84u

Collaboration Play with @SuckItToby of @SweepVegas

#STLBlues |
#GoAvsGo | o6 +104🤑🤑


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After three days of hockey, here is a look at the standings in the West Division. #stlblues

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#STLBlues fans looking at each other this morning.

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Athletic subscribers: The Blues check in at No. 26 on ⁦@scottcwheeler⁩’s NHL prospect pool rankings. Wheeler ranks the top players in the system and provides thorough analysis with video. #stlblues

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Ayer los #GoAvsGo pasaron por encima de #stlblues
Tras un primer período en tablas, este error defensivo abría la lata:

Krug #47 se confía de haber sacado el puck cuando MacKinnon #29 se lleva el gato al agua (keep chasing), y Parayko #55 deja el slot vacío

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My #STLBlues prospects ranking:
1. Scott Perunovich
2. Jake Neighbours
3-15 (+ scouting reports, video, tiers, and more) at @TheAthleticSTL:

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... Let’s just forget about this one and move on. #stlblues

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Very rough night for the #stlblues. Good news is we’re way better than we showed and typically have a short memory. Want to see more out of Hoffman. It’s early. As I look at scores around the league, I think very short training camps and no preseason games having an effect.

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Here is the summary of the hockey game last night as seen from the #stlblues perspective.

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@JohnBerman I guess with the @Patriots not in the playoffs this year, u have time to be in the @CNNnewsroom on the weekend. Always enjoy your company. #GoPackGo #stlblues

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#Avs 8, #stlblues 0: It was scoreless after 1. From there on, COL went 5/6 on the power play, which is quite good. Eight guys had two or more points, led by goal, two assists from @Mackinnon9. @philgrubauer31 with a 15-save shutout.

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@lindacohn @NHL There were no #stlblues highlights to speak of, OK? Let's just let that go.

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Hey @StLouisBlues, ummm. That was gross. Hope it’s out of your system. #stlblues

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There are a few members of the St. Louis Blues who could conceivably score at a point per game pace either this upcoming season or beyond.
#THW #Hockey #stlblues

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Ranking NHL Jersey Matchups from Friday, January 15. Enjoy!
1. #STLBlues at #GoAvsGo
2. #Blackhawks at #GoBolts
3. #LeafsForever at #GoSensGo
4. #LetsGoPens at #AnytimeAnywhere (Third)
5/Worst #ALLCAPS at #LetsGoBuffalo

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I think I could of had a shutout against the #stlblues last night. The toughest shoots Grubauer faced was in the warmup 😐

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It appears that passing out before the start of the 2nd period of last night's #stlblues game was a smart decision.

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I didn’t see the Avalanche-Blues game yesterday. What happened? It's epic😳
#NHL #FantasyHockey #GoAvsGo #stlblues

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January 16 2016

St Louis Blues hold Heritage night for Goalies

Brian Elliott's 46 saves the most in a Blues home game since @Cujo in 1993 & Elliott’s 150th career win.

Cujo, @grantfuhr & Mike Liut introduced.

Video from @FSMidwest w/pics from Blues & @stltoday


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Woke up still a diehard Blues Fan! Looking forward to Monday night! #stlblues

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Grubauer with the shutout tonight 😤


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Calling all Blues fans! It's #NationalHatDay, so we're giving YOU a chance to win this '47 Clean Up hat. RT and follow to enter.


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