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Son of #Pakistan #GilgitBaltistan #baltistan #InshAllah will #success #ProudToBeAMuslim #ProudToBePakistani #proud

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I am so # #proud of my island! Today #Procida was named "Italian culture capital 2022"! We will work hard to make #Italy and all the #Italians proud!
Blue Monday? Today the only blue thing is our sea!
Thank you from Germany!
@Procida2022 @_MiBACT @dariofrance @comunediprocida

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💕pink hair, don’t care💕
#haircolor #pastelpink #rosé #gayboy #style #fashion #cuteaf #kawaiiaf #happy #proud #pink #lgbt @ Amara Apartments

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@Beverly26146122 @UniofHerts @HPFT_NHS @Julie_K_Mallett @jackyvincent3 @Sonia_Ritson Thank you Beverly! #Proud today :)

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Yes @koricheverie!! Love to see it - keep representing the East Coast and @ryersonrams! #Ramily #Proud

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Well done to Aditi for her nomination into the Sparkly Jar of Fabulousness ✨. She has been so helpful laying the dinner table every evening and helping to tidy up without being asked. Aditi wanted to help as she appreciates how hard mummy and daddy are working. #proud

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Once again, we're well-represented on @HC_Women‼️🇨🇦

@TroyRyanHockey returns as head coach while @koricheverie is back as an assistant. Our Chief Medical Officer @SportDocTina is the team doctor.

Vets @katbt617 and @jill_saulnier are vying for spots.


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I have been using an analogy, 'I feel like I'm going to see the sea, but it's low tide and I have to traipse through mud" In other words all the hard work, with lots of barriers in the way. Today I am finally starting to see the sea. #fruition #achievement #proud #teamwork #goal

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Incredible viewing over the weekend. All @exmouthccsport and @ExmouthCollege backing @INEOSTEAMUK and @bencornishsail #oneofourown make sure you are watching on Friday #proud 👏👏👏👏👏

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Congratulations to Ruby for her Sparkly Jar of Fabulousness nomination ✨. Ruby has been working with great confidence with Mrs Flack. Keep up the hard work 😊 #proud #welldone

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#DougEmhoff is going to be the best #SecondGentleman ever!
Make us #Husbands #Proud!!


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@lilithlakshmi And look @ how far you’ve come be #proud

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My 17yo phoned our local surgery today and offered to volunteer helping with calls to the elderly and vulnerable to arrange their Covid vaccine appointments.
She is already volunteering remotely in a care home.
#proud #teenagervolunteering #wannabedoctor

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The Worlds BEST Actress. #Proud ❤️🥰

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I've made an icon of my main character Aoi, it took me more than 8 hrs to finish it but I'm so proud of myself uwu -------
Mi main Aoi, +8 hrs de trabajo pero orgullosa del resultado uwu
#adryu #anime #artist #animeartist #ArtistOnTwitter #proud #icon #artwork

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I’m really #proud to know Melissa Proctor from the @ATLHawks, Cyrus and the whole @Nike design team and everyone that put their time and effort into this work. #PurposeMarketing

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Huge well done to @xTheresaJuliex successful in @WWLNHS fast track scheme, rocking it back as a band 6! #proud #ccnt #sistersmith #paediatricnurse #teamCCNT

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Very quick initial response by officers from our team, arresting suspects & securing crucial evidence before a thorough secondary investigation by Lincoln CID, securing convictions & justice for the victim in what was 2 totally unprovoked attacks. #PolicingLincoln #Proud #Police

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How talented are our Year 11 girls! So proud of you both, you'd give Banksy a run for his money with these spray paint skills. Thank you Mr Swarbrick for your amazing guidance. @Eden_School1 #talented #artistsontwitter #proud #Creative #artists #art #proudteacher

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@dannywood Very nice Danny,as always I am #PROUD of you for all you do and are.

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Even young performers need quality equipment when practicing away from the studio...




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Finley F y10, that was a WOW! answer today in English. Keep it up. #proud #BrilliantBrumby #y10STARS #BrumbyHeroes 💜

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Grace has been nominated for our Sparkly Jar of Fabulousness for learning to ride her bike without stabilisers 🚲✨ Well done Grace! All your hard work, determination and perseverance has paid off! #proud #perseverance

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Behind the Design, the Heart of a Legacy.

Made to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The 2020-21 Nike NBA Hawks City Edition Jersey features bold details inspired by the visionary leader, designed with the @ATLHawks.

Coming soon: #CityEdition

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Two of our year 11 students Kelis and Courtland are supporting young people in our community during lockdown. #Proud #BrumbyHeroes #BrilliantBrumby 💜

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@Cloo8_ @DurocYann @ElVeider_FDV @Eliadus @RizD0re_I10O @GillardVautier @Hcomosa @alexcarre49 @agritof80 @Vincentvandend1 @SVTAdour @EvyDuvernois @TocSheldonToc @Delrane @fleuteu @LChaffouin @_mioux_ @Nudibranche07 @CriquetSceptik @WilliamKrampsB Moi aussi! Pas mal pour une bio animale hein? :P (qui a du faire de l'histo des plantes et des champi et qui a survécu 😅)

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A big well done to Ela who has been awarded a Blue Peter badge for the wonderful Artwork submitted. Ela also joins our Sparkly Jar of Fabulousness for helping her mummy around the house following surgery. Ela was a very brave and helpful girl. #proud #kindness

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We are proud that our team are receiving 5* reviews from customers.
Our customers love our efficiency and the communication they receive but most importantly they love that our total bill is £75.

Let’s get your home advertised on Rightmove for just £75


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@j0sefwasfat STOP there is nothing wrong with being British #proud brit

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More and more food hampers for our families kindly donated by @PLSFoundation @Matalan and our amazing staff. Bags donated by @AlphaTaxis. You are all amazing and our school are so lucky to have you all. #Proud #Wow

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Stephen Jackson says Kyrie Irving bought George Floyd’s family a house

(via ‘The Rematch’)

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Finally got my hands on a copy of @heidilfisher latest book! Pretty much an essential read for any social entrepreneur. Your impact loses value unless you’ve effectively monitored and reported on it. #ImpactMeasurementIsKey 🙌🏽⭐️

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Thanks to all of the Cleveland fans who stuck with us through thick and thin this year, it felt so good to be apart of a team that changed a culture.. Year 1 is in the books and I can only be thankful for the blessings and lessons learned this year.. It’s Only Up From Here..

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جتنے سپانسرز غیرملکی کوہ پیماؤں کو ملتے ہیں اس سے آدھے سے بھی آدھے اگر ہم پاکستانی کوہ پیماؤں کو میسر ہوں تو ہم بھی تاریخ رقم کر سکتے ہیں
الحمدللہ محدود وسائل کے ساتھ محدود ٹیکنالوجی کے ساتھ میں اب بھی اپنے بیٹے کے ساتھ K2 پہ موجود ہوں
جلد ہی آپ کو خوشخبری ملے گی

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Two groups of men viciously attacked the victim within minutes of each other

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#PRADACup RD3 | Highlights

Look back at an eventful third day of the PRADA Cup Round Robin Series with Ben Ainslie.

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