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Prime Minister @BorisJohnson has today announced an ambitious new target to reduce the #UK’s emissions by at least 68% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

@WSP_UK supported the @ClimateCLG's call for such a target 👇🌍 #ClimateAction #netzero @CMalissard

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UK PM announces ambitious new target cutting emissions by at least 68% by 2030. Sets UK on path to #NetZero by 2050.

UK commitment = reducing emissions at fastest rate of any major economy. Follows 10 point plan to create & support 250,000 jobs while tackling #climatechange.

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Given @theCCCuk says 40+% of cars on the roads need to be ⚡️ by 2030 to reach the UK’s new -68% NDC great to see this kind of increase 📈🚗 #NetZero #COP26

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KPMG examines the state of corporate reporting on climate risk and net zero transition by the world’s 250 largest companies. Download the new study now. #netzero

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Missed out on November's Generator Revenue Streams webinar? Senior Business Development Manager, James Marsh pulls out some of the biggest updates surrounding the Capacity Market, Carbon Pricing and BSUoS in this latest blog:
#renewables #carbon #netzero

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Great news! Let's use the evidence from our world leading research-intensive universities and leading thinks on climate change to devise a whole systems response to the transition to #netzero

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Dr. Mudie contributed towards the @UKGBC consultation on #carbonoffsetting and #energyprocurement, which forms part of its Advancing #NetZero programme. Her latest opinion piece provides a summary of the draft guidance and her response #buildbackgreen

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#climate #climatechange #environment #green #carbonfootprint #carbonoffset #carbon #carbonoffset #ClimateAction #SmallBusiness #GreenFriday #environmental #environment #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #Friday #netzero #netzerobritain

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As a company we believe it is only right to give back what we take from the planet and thus plan to donate monthly through @Ecologi_hq in order to offset all that we consume as a company! We are on the road to #netzero and this month alone have offset 7 tonnes of carbon!

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This is indeed good news, yet two hours later another headline read: "Government to cut £1bn from rail budget". 🤔 Public transport is an essential component in our journey to #NetZero so now is the time for investment not cuts to this crucial sector!

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Further cross-government coordination needed to meet #netzero according to latest NAO report.

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A positive and ambitious step towards #netzero

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Devon folk: don't miss your opportunity to add your views as to how Devon should meet its #netzero goal.

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It’s #NationalTreeWeek! 🌳Looking at water consumption data helps lower costs, cut energy use & contribute to #sustainability & #netzero targets. Tips on how organisations can be greener 👉 #sustainfutures @TheTreeCouncil @Waterwise @BITC @Amandaskeldon

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Amazing news that ahead of #COP26, @BorisJohnson has set an ambitious new target to reduce UK emissions by 68% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. This will further enhance our global leadership credentials and set us on the path to #NetZero by 2050. 🌍🇬🇧🦋🐝 #TogetherForOurPlanet

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We're #hiring: Application Support Do you love technology and interacting with people? Do you want to be part of a fast growing, diverse team delivering superb levels of service to our clients? #careers #applicationsupport #heatnetworks #netzero #jobs

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If you live, work or study in #Gloucestershire, don't miss a special online session just for you.

We're bringing together #civilengineers in the county to meet and discuss two key topics: #netzero and #Covid19.

Book a free place for 8 Dec:

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Ambitious! If we are to cut emissions by 68% in the UK there will need to be real systemic change. Individual initiatives are great, but we need a united, global approach and a new mindset by the world's population.

#COP26 #ClimateChange #TheWaterline

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“It wouldn’t be in line with our ambition to be #climate neutral in 2050 to still explore, produce and sell fossil fuels.”

Until these words also come from @bp_plc and @equinor's CEOs, they have no place in our cultural institutions. #netzero #cop26

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Watershed moment for the green economy #ClimateAction #fossilfuel #NetZero #climatechange #renewableenergy #carbonfootprint

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The Government has pledged to cut annual carbon emissions by 68% by 2030, up from 57% and further and faster than any other major economy in the next decade.

👇 Comment from senior researcher @PatrickDHall:

#NetZero #COP26 #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction

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We’ve set a new target to cut emissions by at least 68% by 2030.

The fight against climate change is a global challenge and the UK is leading by example.


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Airbus has given itself 5 years to develop a plane that doesn't pollute the sky.

Here's how it plans to do it, and what's at stake

by @charlie_ryan1 @MathisWilliam
#netzero #climatechange #hydrogen

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Enfrentar as mudanças climáticas não pode esperar, por isso estamos a transformar o nosso negócio e a aproveitar os nossos recursos para fazer a diferença. Saiba mais aqui: #ClimateAction #NetZero

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We need committed leadership, a strong and clear message, flexible and long term funding, diverse networks of problem solvers and a can-do collaborative ethic if we’re to get back on track. You can find out what KTN is doing in #NetZero > [3/3]

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The UK will aim to cut its #carbonemissions by at least 68% of what they were in 1990 by the end of 2030, @10DowningStreet has announced.

#globalwarming #climatechange #netzero

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New @NAOorguk report 'Achieving net zero' published today. In it we describe how government has organised itself to achieve the #netzero target. A great read on one of the most important challenges currently facing government.

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The latest #NetZero targets are ambitious, but far more action is needed if the UK is to achieve them. In sectors such as transport, where emissions have only fallen by 3% since 1990, we need to see radical behavioural change, particularly in well connected cities…[1/3]

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Lots happening on #netzero today. This looks particularly crucial to actual delivery. Vital but govt still not grasping = cross govt working + "wide-ranging changes across society and the economy at a pace which leaves little room for delay" + deeper engagement incl w citizens

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@GarethDennis #ModalShift supports #decarbonisation. Creating that #ModalShift is just one way that will enable the UK to decarbonise, therefore enabling us to reduce our emissions and get us to #NetZero. #GetOnBoard 🚊📦✉️🚊

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Download your copy here
#coldchainlive #NetZero

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Securing a substantial, structural #ModalShiftToRail is, quite clearly, a key policy to deliver #NetZero.

HS2 and a pipeline of other capacity and network coverage enhancements will enable more potential passengers and more freight shippers to choose rail.


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The #UK 10-point-plan for a green industrial revolution offers “a welcome signal of what the UK’s path towards #NetZero will look like" says Martyn Link of @Woodplc, but much remains to be clarified #hydrogen #renewables #energytransition #decarbonisation

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With the UK's latest GHG emissions reduction target 68% by 2030 - never has it been more important for universities and colleges to plan for #NetZero! Have you signed the Global Climate Letter? Show your ambition and plan for the future: #SAEWeek #COP26

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High-definition = high emissions. Just how much could switching to standard definition help us to protect the planet? #environment #sustainability #emissions #technology #oneplanet #netzero #racetozero

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🔔 Only 3 days until the launch of the Interim Devon Carbon Plan! 🔔

This is your chance to have your say on our roadmap to creating a #NetZero carbon Devon where people and nature thrive!

Find out more here 👉

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The final deadline for eBike Grant Fund Category A applications is just two weeks away.

The fund offers up to £25,000 towards projects that provide opportunities for communities to trial #eBikes.

Find more info here:

#LowCarbon #Transport #NetZero

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UK November vehicle sales data is out:
Plug-ins at 16% share (BEV 9%)

Overall market down 27%
BEV sales up 122%
Plug-in hybrid sales up 77%

Happening fast now, and you can start to see it on the streets.

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By my reckoning that puts rail transport at most around 1.5% of UK carbon emissions. So rail's best way to help UK carbon emissions is to tempt more people and freight from roads. That's a large part of what HS2 will do.

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@beisgovuk To ensure all of government steps up to the net zero challenge, @beisgovuk will need to put in place:

✅ Integrated planning
✅ Progress monitoring
✅ Processes to manage interdependencies
✅ Engagement with industry and citizens

#NetZero (2/2)

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All government bodies have a role to play in achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

But @beisgovuk is yet to put in place all the essential components for effective cross-government working.

Read our latest report: (1/2)

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Mechanics Strongly Warn Against Buying These Cars At Any Cost

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